LinkedIn Lead Generation

Our LinkedIn Lead Generation service generates leads by connecting directly with a client’s target prospects that are on LinkedIn. We then nurture this relationship through a carefully designed communication strategy with the intention of generating a connection and then meeting of some kind out of LinkedIn.

Often prospects will not immediately engage with end clients. To ensure clients get maximum ROI on their investment in the service, we create an email database and load all prospects into his database. This gives end-clients a real “result” from the service ­ a “List”

This contact list can also be utilised through regular email marketing campaign, often months and months after the initial LinkedIn connect and nurture


Attract Customers


The LinkedIn Lead Generation Service is for clients who can benefit from growth by making business connections and nurturing these connections into business relationships. It is a great strategy for business people seeking strategic alliances or referral partners ie, a Pest Control business seeking relationships with Real Estate agents who can refer them business.

Contact us if you would like to talk to us about targeting your perfect prospects.