In 2 months we improved their organic search results 5 fold by beating their key competitors for key terms.


Inoko provide Candles and Diffusers through their web page and through their network of suppliers throughout Australia to suit any personality room or occasion.


For key products their suppliers and consumers were seeing their main competitor.


We implemented a SEO and Google Analytics campaign.


In 2 months had beaten their main competitor for key terms. And have now expanded the terms they are ranking for, and their business is growing..

  • marble candle vessel 1st position on google
  • refillable candles 1st
  • refillable diffusers 2nd
  • timber candle vessel 2nd
  • marble vessels 2nd
  • timber vessels 3rd
  • concrete vessels 3rd
  • concrete candle vessel 3rd

Their business is now consistently growing.

Organic Search has grown from under 100 impressions a month to over 500 impressions a month.

We also worked with them on Google Analytics to plan and track their users