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We help businesses deliver an effective growth strategy. We work with our clients to understand their business goals and then put together an effective growth strategy.

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We have achieved success for our clients by utilising the"right growth option for them"

As we have a range of options available we implement a growth plan that will deliver results. We ensure our client’s have:

  • Clear Growth Strategy
  • Unique Offering
  • Implementation Plan

We then

  • Regularly review and adjust the effectiveness of the plan
  • Adjust where necessary

Leading to …..More Customers

Search Engine Optimization is a methodology of strategies, techniques, and tactics used to increase the number of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results of Google.

9 out of 10 Google inquiries are answered from page 1.
3 out of 10 Google inquiries are answered from position 1.
85% of Google inquiries are answered through standard search results, rather than through Paid Ads.
If you get Google top rankings you will get more inquiries and grow your business.

We get great results for our clients by understanding what digital advertising options work and how to target effectively.

Google Adwords

We perform testing and tracking to ensure that Adwords works. We are proficient in optimising campaigns.

Facebook Advertising

Utilising the detailed targeting information and realistic pricing let’s us open up a wide and lucrative option.

We work with clients to design and build beautiful web pages that get results.

We help clients to understand how changes to their web page impacts the user flow. We work with quality tools to improve the user experience.

Good writing must read well and drive actions. A writer who knows about keyword volumes will get better results. For example, most people search in the singular, but most businesses write for the plural. Contact us to find out how we can help your writing.

The Service is for clients who can benefit from growth by making business connections and nurturing these connections into business relationships.

Many businesses very much operate in the Business to Business space. There are so many options with linked-in to drive growth through managing your profile, expanding your network and driving relationships which will lead to the next stage.

We’ll ensure that your message will reach a wider audience and engage them with your brand. Social Media works and drives customers to your business.

Some of the clients we have worked with



Excellent thanks Alex!  We saw we came up ahead of them the other day” 

“Yay!! love that we are no 1! Thanks so much for everything.”

“Thanks! You educated our clients and our team on the importance of a an overall approach which dramatically improved our response rates.”

Options for investing with us

A monthly investment for our proven and standard packages that have consistently delivered results

For regular work, we can be your growth team on a per-hour basis. The more you need, the more we are available

As a one-off project- eg build a web page, write one-off content, fix a web page, put together a more detailed marketing plan

We do not tie clients into long-term contracts. We are in this together.

Hero Digital Marketing are a growing digital marketing agency for small and medium-sized businesses who want more customers. We are disrupting the traditional digital marketing model by offering a clear and open pricing model. It was founded by Alex Dance, who approaches all marketing from an analytic perspective. When the numbers align and new leads come through the marketing works. Hero Digital Marketing has achieved success by

  • Having clear and affordable pricing
  • Not locking clients into long-term contracts
  • Delivering excellent results and improving response rates
  • Offering a full suite of available growth options

We listen and understand our client’s needs first and then we put together a customer growth solution for them.

Our expert strategist will work with you through a 1 on 1 advisory session to ensure we build your digital presence.

To discuss how we can get you leads call us on:  1300 30 55 83 or fill out the below form

Hero Digital marketing - Hero